Sunday, January 16, 2022

Isolation Mode - Week of Jan. 10th

When you put all of the safeguards in place that are possible and you still have an unwelcome visitor...

Cam departed the bus after school on Tuesday and seemed tired.  He started coughing and didn't sleep well. We kept him home on Wednesday and learned two other kids in his small class were also home and not well.  On Thursday morning, we were informed one of his close contacts was Covid positive so our entire family tested.  

Cam was positive, while his parents were both negative.  With school protocols, we were informed that Cam could not return to school until Jan. 24.

As a family, we were most thankful for Cameron's mild symptoms.  The cough lingered through the week but seemed better each day with additional rest at night.  With some extra time available, a Christmas present that had arrived from Cam's great grandma Mary was finally completed.  An evergreen tree kit complete with seedlings to germinate was the first step in the process.  The seeds were watered daily and finally ready to plant. 

A Christmas treat container served as the planter for the seedlings.  The process is to begin their growth cycle inside so they can be planted outside in the spring.  We'll be able to watch it's progress on a daily basis.  

Cam requested additional projects and kept his parents busy finishing tasks and moving onto the next item.  As a family we accomplished quite a bit, cleaning up and sorting, updating our picture magnet board and computer work.  

After all of the efforts, Chris surprised his son by picking up a tasty treat from Tropical Smoothie.  Cam's favorite drink is a chocolate banana peanut butter smoothie.  This should not be shocking since his popular go-to goody is a Reese's peanut butter cup!

Camology Quotes:

Cam is a consummate ruler-follower.  He took his positive test result very seriously, but also matter-of-factly.  When Stella was meowing at him one evening and close to him, he immediately informed his cat of his status.
"Stella, I cannot pet you because I have covid so please do not come close to me."

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