Friday, March 5, 2021

I Have A Question - Week of Feb. 22

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is not to stop questioning." ~Albert Einstein

"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge." ~Thomas Berger

Cam has always been curious.  Over the years, he has developed a habit of declaring he has a question prior to actually asking it.  It may seem redundant but in actuality it helps you pay attention to what's coming next.  During the drive home from his weekly PT appointment he said, "I have a question."  "Why do the lights automatically turn on in the car dashboard?"  And sometimes he will input his keen answer by responding himself with yet another question... "Is it because there is a sensor?"

At school, the class has been reading "Because of Winn-Dixie" by Kate DiCamillo.  The themes include friendship, loneliness and courage.  In the book the main character, Opal, asks her dad to tell her 10 things about her mom and she writes them down.  One of the class assignments was for each student to write 10 things about their own mothers.  Here is Cam's list:

  1. Favorite color is pink
  2. She is nice
  3. She is kind
  4. She makes good dinner
  5. She likes hanging out with me
  6. Likes to watch movies
  7. She likes to dance
  8. Listening to music
  9. Helping me with work
  10. Hanging out with people

Jane was very touched and impressed since she and Cam had never talked about these things specifically.

On Saturday, we had made plans to visit
Oma and Opa.  They told us it may be our last chance to see the ice on Lake Michigan because it was disappearing quickly.  Since it has been a fairly mild winter, it was truly the least amount of ice we have ever seen on the lake in February.

Even though it was windy and a bit cooler, the sun felt warm.  We enjoyed lunch as a family and then worked on small projects together.  

Chris set the drone off flying and took some amazing pictures of the water's edge and the shoreline.

The time always goes by quickly and we always leave smiling.

Camology Quotes:

After finishing the 'Winn-Dixie' book, the kids also watched the movie "Because of Winn-Dixie" during school and then had discussions following.  At bedtime that evening, this conversation took place.
"I have a question.  Mom, have you ever seen the movie 'Because of Winn-Dixie'?"
No, Cam.  I have seen a lot of movies but I've never actually seen that one.
"I think if you think about it long enough you will remember that you've seen it."

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