Sunday, April 19, 2020

Feline Focus - Week of Apr. 13th

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” ~James Herriot

Without a doubt, the family member experiencing the biggest benefit from Michigan's quarantine is our cat, Stella.  Cam is beyond attentive every day, making certain she is let out of her room early in the morning and checking her litter box and water intake multiple times a day.
Stella looks at Jane as if to say "Thank goodness someone is paying attention around here!"
Each morning after breakfast, Cam is ready for his round of walking.  He seems to have newfound enjoyment in the exercise and happily completes his 10 minute stroll around the house as shown in the video below.
We all settle into our respective "offices" around 8am downstairs.
His virtual schooling officially began on Wednesday of this week.  Our routine kid first checks his activity homework list on an iPad app called "Seesaw."  Once he completes the items, he moves onto two other apps- Epic for reading and IXL for math and language arts.  He will request help if needed, but has typically finished everything within a few hours.  His daily FaceTime chats with Ms. Amanda and Auntie Karen usually take us to lunchtime.

Three afternoons during the week, Cam is tutored by Ms. Ann via a zoom meeting.  Near the end of the work day, it is time for Cam's stretching and more exercising.  Sitting and balancing as well as standing are all on the agenda.
The work days are long, but the "Cam check-ins" to each of his parent's office areas makes the time much more interesting for Chris and Jane.

A warmer Sunday offered the chance for a stroll in the park.  These outings seem more meaningful for us all in these days of isolation.  It is a reminder to continue to appreciate all of the simple things we take for granted.  Be thankful and be safe :-)

Camology Quotes:
Jane has been a remote worker for years, accustomed to filling her days with video meetings and conference calls.  She is not as accustomed, however, to having office mates.
~Jane mumbles about a spreadsheet of information missing data ~
"What mom?"  
Sorry, I'm talking to myself Cam.  
"That's ok- I do that a lot!"

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