Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Case of the Missing Package - Week of Jan. 6th

"Now comes the mystery." ~Henry Ward Beecher
"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." ~Arthur Conan Doyle
Thornapple River- quite high!
There are some days we honestly wonder if things would ever be accomplished without Cam...

On the eve of December 16th, Chris mailed a package out to his mom, living in Arizona.  Jane and her son loaded in the contents for Grandma Sue's Christmas box containing homemade banana bread, GR popcorn, tons of pictures, fudge, coffee mug and Cam's artwork that we'd been saving.  Chris added in a monetary gift card prior to closing it up and sending it via USPS.  Due to the abundance of items, Chris took a picture of the tracking information as well as a pic of the activation detail for the gift card.
Cam kept requesting us to check the tracking info and on December 27th, we noticed a new addition to the detailed itinerary.  It appeared the package traveled from Grand Rapids to Denver to Arizona and then back to Denver with an indication of "dead mail." 
Cam was persistent, insisting we call.  When we finally did this week, after a lengthy 15 minute wait, we actually chatted with a live person who told us to open a claim online.  We promptly did so but that didn't solve our monetary gift card issue. 
Concerned that someone may 'acquire' it, Cam thought maybe we could call that company too.  After some online research and Cam's insistence, Chris went back to point of purchase and took a picture of the gift card with the phone number to call.  They issued a 'stop payment' on the card.  So although we may never know what happened to our package, because of Cam it is closer to being found and we are on our way to recovering funds from the monetary gift card.

The weekend brought a winter weather warning for ice accumulation and across the country all different kinds of conditions and alerts were shown.  Cam checked out the weather channel to see all of the craziness.  We kept busy with indoor projects most of the day.  Stella was obviously hard at work as well.
In the afternoon, Jane and her son, along with Stella watched the newer version of ''The Lion King' movie.  Our cars didn't move until Sunday.

Our traditional Sunday dinner with the Raisch fam featured breakfast for dinner and tasty cinnamon bites.  It's always such fun to gather together and catch up.
5 yrs ago- Cam & Emma
As we closed out the week, we realized how thankful we are for Cam's tenacity to help us find answers and test out our own detective skills.

Camology Quotes:
Cam's very first friend, Emma, had her wisdom teeth pulled this week so Jane & Cam wanted to bring her one of her favorites- a smoothie to help with recovery.  They went through the drive-thru and waited for someone to bring out their order.  The smoothie guy finally brought it out to our van and said "Enjoy your smoothie!" 
"Thank you!" said Jane.
Cam quickly added: "We are not drinking it!"  

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