Sunday, August 19, 2018

Elated to be Eleven - Week of Aug. 13th

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." ~ Michael Altshuler

Eleven- the most syllables in a birthday number for Cam thus far.

Miss Amanda started her student teaching at a charter school, so her summer days with her buddy had come to an end.
Fortunately for us, Ms. Ann was available to spend a few days each week with Cam.  Since Ann is a former elementary school teacher and now teaches at the college level, she was super excited for her new 'student' to show off his reading skills and sight word work.

On Thursday evening, we were all invited to Amanda's Aunt Carol's pool for evening swimming.  The water was warm and it was fun to play.

Cam was anticipating Friday's activities, his actual birthday and a celebration at Craig's Cruisers.

Emma ready for go-karts
This is the second time Cam has experienced his party at Craig's Cruisers. 

History: In 1979 Craig Cihak and his parents Ron & Donna Cihak purchased property in Silver Lake, Michigan (formerly Bill’s Dune Rides). They started the first go-kart track with just 8 go-karts. Each spring for several years, new attractions were added. Campers and seasonal tourists at the beautiful sand dune vacation spot patronized the first Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center. As patronage grew, so did the business. 
In 1990 a second location was built in Muskegon, MI and in 1994 a third location was built in Holland, MI. Craig’s Cruisers wanted to be able to offer indoor entertainment for guests through all four of Michigan’s seasons. After much research and planning the doors to the fourth Grand Rapids location opened in December 1999.  
In the Grand Rapids location, there is a 25,000 square ft restaurant area and now a 36,000 square foot addition that includes a trampoline park and roller coaster.

Emma and Brody along with one of their parents were Cam's chosen best buddies to join him.  Oma and Opa arrived with an awesome cake from Ryke's and Ms. Ann joined us as well.  Craig's Cruisers is quite expansive and after eating, the activities began.  Arcade games and indoor and outdoor go-karts both were experienced, racing around two different tracks.
It had rained earlier in the day, but it cleared up enough to get outside and motor around in the bumper boats equipped with squirt guns.  This is Jane's favorite attraction and she was super excited Cam wanted to ride around.  Ms. Ann had her own boat and so did Chris.
A first for us was trying out the new indoor roller coaster.  Cam had never ridden a coaster before so he was a bit apprehensive but the challenge overcame his fear.
CC Roller Coaster 1 min video
It was just fast enough and gave your stomach a little flip on some of the turns and dips.  A great first experience for our 11-year-old roller coaster newbie.  It did help that Emma and Chris were directly across from us.

Our crew mastered the art of having fun and squeezed quite a bit into our three hours of celebrating.
Since Miss Amanda couldn't play at Craig's Cruisers due to work, she hung out with Cam for the evening and gave him 3 of his favorites- a movie they both love- "Shrek", a gift card for iTunes and a photo of the two of them.

Cam also shares a birthday week with Megan Raisch.  These two friends are six years apart and Meg was born right after Chris and Jane moved onto Windcrest.

The festivities seemed to continue all week and whether it was an awesome card, a text message or a was all appreciated from grandparents, friends and relatives and Cam was thankful for each and every one.
"The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious." ~Martin Luther 

Camology Quotes:
Cam follows rules, is very aware and questions the appropriateness of certain things.  This week contained both questions and comments.
"The movie was too intense, Mom."  (After watching about 15 minutes of 'Army Dogs' from library checkout)

"Do I need to change my age on Friday on YouTube kids?"

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