Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Safari, Some Standing, and A Special Surprise - Week of June 19th

When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it. ~Theodore Roosevelt 

Each year in the May time frame, our favorite local animal kingdom, Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park, opens its doors again. Once school is out, Cam is asking to visit this popular place.

Oma, Ms. Amanda, Jane and her son all trekked over to check out the expanded exhibits.  They arrived right when it opened and opted for a season membership, which pays for itself if you visit just three times (Cam would prefer a weekly visit).  One of the best parts of the wild park is feeding the animals.  Lettuce and carrots are available for purchase and goodness, are these guys all hungry!  The pygmy goats are too funny as they attempt to reach for any morsel headed their way and will continuously step over their neighbors to be in front.
The giraffes can be intimidating but Cam wasn't nervous at all.  He bravely held up the lettuce, giggling as the gentle giant's long tongue tried to reach the green leaf.
The safari ride is by far Cam's favorite activity there.  A tram that sits low to the ground with an easy drive-on ramp couldn't be better.  The ride is narrated and loaded with useful and interesting information about the larger animals and origins of the park itself.  A picnic lunch rounded out our time there.

Friday was full to the brim.  The morning schedule included a visit to our Grand Valley graduate PT students, eager to take Cam through an obstacle course and try his first stint at standing since hip surgery.
Dr. Lisa said it might be better if they put Cam on his head to try standing to which he hysterically responded, "Dr. Lisa, that will not work!"
The standing apparatus was hard work for its occupant and graduate PT students, Becca and Janae, kept things lively by singing and acting out the chicken dance.
Mr. Micah, next to Cam, chose to be an innocent bystander.

Later that afternoon, Emma and Ms. Patti surprised Cam with an early birthday present to see the new movie, Cars 3, in the theater!
Cam is a big fan of Lightning McQueen...and popcorn.
The girls even arrived with a birthday balloon.
We recommend the movie and highly recommend having such awesome friends:)

And on Saturday evening, we traveled to Muskegon to meet Oma and Opa (thank you!) for a tasty dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  One of the advantages of eating here - the free roasted peanuts in the shell, with the majority of shells on the floor of the restaurant.

We found a delicious summer ice cream shop on the way back to Grand Rapids where a child's portion looked more like a small adult size. What a perfect dessert to cap off a week filled with many treats.

Camology Quotes:
Cam's hair stylist at Jude's is
Ms. Amelia.  Her mom is a
Michigan State Police officer.
She gave Cam the t-shirt.
We were told it is pretty rare to
receive an official MSP
Cam loves a mystery and asking probing questions to determine what has happened.
One day, Ms. Amanda told him a story about what happened to her and Papa the night before...  Ms. Amanda went with Papa (her grandpa) to visit her grandma's grave site.  While there, they noticed a man with no shirt.  Papa, being a former detective, was concerned and they drove to the fire station to let someone know.  When they reappeared back at the cemetery the man was gone.
The next day when Ms. Amanda arrived, 'Curious Cam' was full of additional inquiries.

"Ms. Amanda, what happened to the man?"(no context is given here)
What man?
"The one at the cemetery! "
Oh, him.  I don't know.  I haven't talked to Papa.
"Well, that is silly to not wear a shirt." 
You're absolutely right, Cam.
"No shirt.  No service!"

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