Sunday, April 9, 2017

Road to Recovery - Week of Apr. 3rd

Cam's new right hip!
The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. ~Hubert H. Humphrey

When Cam was in the hospital and Emma came to visit, it upset her to see her buddy not himself and in pain.  Jane explained to Cam later that the best friends of all in your life are the ones who care for you so very much, they feel your pain and may wish they could even take it away or feel it instead of you.
Auntie Karen (a.k.a. lifesaver) arrived to stay with us for the week and help ease our transition with Chris headed back to work and Jane working from home. Karen and Jane are so fortunate to be "anywhere workers" meaning they can truly work from any place as long as they have a high-speed internet connection.  
Ms. Barbara & Cam & caramel corn
Cam was still on spring break this week and Oma arrived on Tuesday to stay for a couple of days.  Two people are currently required for Cam care due to the wedge pillow between Cam's leg and the need for stability when lifting for bathroom transfers, bed, etc.
We all enjoyed a visit from Aunt Joyce and Aunt Gay and they brought with them Cam's favorite new game,  Uno Attack.
Grand Valley professor, Dr. Lisa and graduate students, Kelcey and Katrina popped in on Wednesday and chatted with the recovering boy.
Puppet show theater
Miss Amanda was in throughout the week and took Cam to visit with some doggies she was taking care of over spring break.  It was good to get outside and feel the fresh air! Miss Anne also hung out a bit in between her college classes.
An 8+hour power outage made things interesting on Thursday.
Uncle Joe popped in to check on his great-nephew and Ms. Barbara from school surprised Cam on Saturday with some homemade caramel corn (which thankfully he shared with him mom!).
Amidst all of this activity, Jane was quite remiss she didn't take any pictures of the many visitors and lifesavers.  However, Cam wasn't quite himself until the weekend.  On Sunday, Emma arrived home from a fun vacation to Florida.  Even though they traveled 24 hours straight, driving back to Michigan, she still decided she needed to run over to see Cam and even provided a live puppet show!

Auntie Jo and Will showed up that same afternoon with an entire Mexican-style dinner and a huge basket full of activities for her godson to explore.
Cam chose the color mixing chart first and it directed which colors to mix like a scientific experiment, his favorite!

There are not enough thanks to go around for all of the extra attention, meals and gifts brought into our home.

So many cards, emails and phone calls came our way to check in on Cam's progress.  Once again, we were reminded of the amazing support system we have.

One of the cards that really took our breath away was from the Wyoming Police Department, where Cam toured for his birthday last summer.  It was signed by so...many...officers, detectives and department members.  To think that all of these individuals who met Cam only once took their time to write a personal wonder our son is so set on working for the police!

Camology Quotes:

As we all adjust to Cam's temporary situation, he has to rely much more on his parents.  
Each and every time they prepare to lift him, they hear...
"Mom and Dad, please be careful and don't break my legs."
A changeable marquee from Jane's boss!

With the wedge foam to keep his hips in place and using a manual wheelchair, we all decided it would be easier for Cam to remain undressed from the waist down to ease the discomfort.  Of course, he always had a sheet or blanket over his legs.  At one point during the week, he announced...

"You know I have to wear pants to school next week.  My principal would not let me go to school with no pants on!"

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