Saturday, April 22, 2017

Finding Treats Along the Way - Week of Apr. 10th

Deer have appeared again
in the backyard
Easter represents hope and renewal.
As we prepared for Cam's first day back to school since surgery, we were hopeful, but quietly a little apprehensive as well.
Cam was quite restless the night before and didn't sleep well at all.  Monday morning he announced he didn't feel very good and would like to stay home from school.  Jane had a day of work meetings planned so she convinced Cam to work in his "office" right beside hers in the dining room.
Mom and son were good co-workers and busy all day.  Jane was so thankful Miss Amanda arrived a couple of hours early to hang out with her buddy.

Tuesday was a new day and Cam was ready to get on the bus and back to school!
Just an hour after arrival, Jane received this email from Cam's teacher...
We are off to a great start...the wheel chair fits under Cam's desk...which was a concern of his before the surgery. Kids are so happy to see him...tons of hugs for him. :-) Gianna is pushing his chair and being so careful that is beautiful to see.

Although erratic sleeping continued, Cam had a great week at school and settled back in.

The weekend brought Auntie Jo complete with a delicious lasagna dinner from Carraba's including all of the fixings.  So many thanks for a night off of cooking and great company!

On Sunday, Oma and Opa arrived for our family Easter celebration.  Cam's annual egg hunt was a bit modified this year as he had to direct his driver to each hidden egg.  Soon his basket was quite full as he managed to find all of the expertly hidden chocolate and hard boiled goodness.

In the past, Cam didn't have much interest in deviled eggs, but that changed after he tried the mixture by licking a tasty beater.

With the sun shining, we enjoyed a steak dinner outside on the back deck for Easter dinner.  A delicious dessert of Oma's homemade strawberry cheesecake and strawberry ice cream concluded our meal.
While Cam and Oma completed some crafting in the bright sunroom, the warmth of the day filled our hearts and the smiles shown brightly.

Camology Quotes:

With the temporary manual wheelchair, Jane has been driving Cam in the van down the driveway to meet the bus in the mornings.  This is due to the weight of the chair and steepness of the driveway.  It also gives Cam and his mom some time to chat about "important" things while waiting.

Mom, why is your hair not curled today? 
There are curls.  They're just in the back of my hair today.
Let me see... I like the curls in the front. 
Ok, when you get home from school today I'll have curls in the front. 
How do you move them? 
Mom, when is your first meeting? 
In 30 minutes, Cam.
You should have time to go to Starbucks and get your coffee.

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