Sunday, March 13, 2016

Expected & Unexpected Surprises - Week of Mar. 7th

You may have heard the term "expect the unexpected."  Well, that phrase somewhat defined our week.

Cam had the first unexpected surprise in the form of a handwritten letter and picture from his sweet friend, Anna.  "I cannot believe she sent me a letter all the way from Holland!"  Anna's in her freshman year at Hope College and Cam has been full of questions about her school as well as when Anna is coming back home, if she has snow days, the exact route from Holland to Grand Rapids, etc. etc. etc.

Later in the week, Chris arrived at work one morning to discover a very different type of surprise, or rather, shock.  Every server and computer in their multiple offices had been infected with a malicious virus.  For the remainder of the week and weekend, Cam's dad spent every waking hour as well as most hours people are not awake, working with his team to restore everything.

Functioning on very little sleep, Chris still managed to take a bit of time away from work to hang out with his fam and friends.  Friday night, we enjoyed the delicious fish fry at the Sparta Moose Lodge with Ann, Katherine & Paul, Molly & Gordy, Christopher, Cassie & Braeden.  And the next day, Cam and his mom spent the afternoon with the same crew, including the addition of Zach and Casey, for "Game Day Cookout" over at Molly and Gordy's house.  We celebrated Katherine and Ann's birthdays, Cam collected rocks with the guys and had a new surprise experience.  Molly took Cam's hand and placed it on her very pregnant belly so he could feel "baby Ella" kicking!  Games took a backseat to chatting and sharing, and of course, eating.  Chris arrived in the evening in time to grab some grub and jump in a group photo shot.

On Sunday, Jane and Cam traveled to Muskegon to meet Oma and Opa for a tasty lunch and pick up the Cam mobile for an upcoming field trip!  In the afternoon, Cam enjoyed cupcake baking time with Patti and Emma while Jane attended a meeting.  Our families then dined together for dinner while Chris and Steve drove to Ohio so Chris could head to one of his work locations and Steve visited relatives nearby and graciously helped with the drive.

We are most thankful for family and friends we consider family who continuously surprise us with their support and love and help us make it through the unexpected and happily share in the expected...

On a personal note, Cam and Jane both consider Chris a superhero in many ways, but this week he truly went above and beyond being available to his family when he could have been sleeping amidst dealing with an extremely stressful situation.  We love you, we thank you and we're humbled by who you are and what you do

Cam-ology Quotes:

Cam has been asking quite a few pregnancy questions lately due to Molly's impending arrival.  He relayed to Jane the following random information one day after school...

"Mom, after the baby is born and she burps, I will say 'excuse me' because she won't be able to talk yet."

An email from Cam's speech therapist at school, Ms. Kate... 
"I was working with Cam last Friday to gather information for the upcoming parent/teacher conference. I was asking him a variety of questions and he was working very hard. While I was looking at my sheet to determine what to ask next,
Cam eagerly said, "What else do you need to know?"  This brought a smile to my face and I loved his hard-working attitude! :) "

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