Sunday, March 27, 2016

Springing into Easter - Week of Mar. 21st

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life. ~Janine di Giovanni

Cam always seems renewed at his swimming lessons with Ms. Laura.  No matter how long the day has been, he is completely relaxed and works so hard for her.  He enjoys this time very much and although we won't be able to sign up again until late May, as parents, we're so thankful for the knowledge transfer we've gained to continue to work with Cam on his water skills.

Eating outside on a warmer spring evening gave us that sense of new life- taking in the outdoor greenery and smelling delicious grilled hot dogs, enjoying homemade potato salad and juicy watermelon!

Friday evening, we were graciously invited to a home-cooked meal at the residence of Kelsey and Brian.  Kelsey has been a special part of our lives since she cared for Cam and this couple brings the promise of hope for future generations.  They have worked diligently (with Brian's extensive skillset) to remodel and add their personal touches to their abode.
We look forward to seeing them more in the future, especially since Kelsey is such a great cook!  It's easy to see that these two know how to show Cam a good and goofy time.

Adult Easter Basket-
Delicious Fruit!
Easter Sunday brought a full day of activities- we started out at church with Emma's family where Cam couldn't get enough of the music and live band playing and as a family, we enjoyed the fellowship.
Back at home, we boiled eggs and awaited the arrival of Oma and Opa.  Cam's grandma barely made it through the doorway before being asked by her grandson when they were coloring eggs!
The grandparents not only brought some chocolate goodies for Cam, but also a healthy choice for Chris & Jane- thank goodness!

Cam's dad expertly hid twenty plastic eggs filled with chocolate for his son to find outside.  The sunny weather was such a big bonus on a day that originally included a forecast for cloudy, rainy weather.

Our smoked ham dinner with mashed potatoes, vegetables and "just-made" deviled eggs tasted delicious.  Cam may have had more than one or two chocolates (or three or four) over the course of the day.  A visit with Auntie Jo rounded out our awesome festivities.

Our wish is that you enjoyed your own celebration and our hope is that you feel renewed and full of new life.

Cam-ology Quotes:

After a particularly long day, Chris and Jane were giving each other a hug in the hallway as Cam turned around in his chair and looked at us and exclaimed... 

"You two look like a married couple!" 

Easter morning, Chris helped Cam get dressed and when he came out to the kitchen, this conversation ensued... 
Jane: "My goodness, Cam, you look so handsome!"
Cam:  "I know I do - thank you!" 

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