Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Break Begins... Week of Dec. 14th

Just before winter break begins, you can feel the anticipation of relaxation.  But the few days before the last day of school are filled with activities.  The day of Cam's school party, he and Jane were dressed in red and when Michelle arrived after school, she was too!

Cam and Ms. Christy
Cam gave Christmas cards to all of his teachers and helpers at school as well as his bus drivers.  The holiday greeting is a favorite project Cam and his mom do together- deciding which pictures and Jane creating the poem.

The weekend plans were set for Saturday and Sunday.  We first ventured over to visit Ms. Mickie and hang out with Mr. Ken.  We met so many people and everyone said Cam had the best smile.  Mr. Ken kept telling him how tall he was getting and how much he liked our Christmas card!  It is always good to see our good friends and neighbors of 15 years.  Cam asked if we can go again and we most certainly will.

Lunch at the exclusive Target dining followed by some holiday shopping filled our afternoon.

Chris and Cam worked on homemade chocolate covered cherries for the remainder of the day.

Sunday afternoon was reserved for our Christmas celebration with Auntie Jo and Will.  We dined on homemade mini burgers and freshly made french fries and opened presents.  After playing some games, we had big plans to see the annual light show.

Every year, the local baseball park decorates the area to drive through (for a hefty fee) and it's something Auntie Jo and Jane have done with their boys for a few years now.  Pictures can't do the display justice and Cam and Will had to pick their favorites as we slowly made our way around the festive surroundings.
Afterwards, we were able to get both boys to agree to a photo complete with Santa hats- a rare occasion to catch everyone smiling at the same time!

A notable change in our household has been the appearance of the Elf on the Shelf.  Cam named his elf, Gerrit, and this elf has been busy moving around our home.  Every morning, our curious boy has been actively finding the mischievous helper.  This picture captured Cam's loudest laugh and favorite hiding place of his elf.  Of course, though, many questions ensued after his discovery.  Cam's questions included, but were not limited to, the following..."how did he write on the glass?....who put him in there? he ok?"

We expect this holiday season will be full of even more surprises!

Cam-ology Quotes:
(Mom) Cam, what are you thinking of for dinner?
"Do we have any leftovers we have to eat?"
(Mom) I sure do love you, Cam.

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