Sunday, December 13, 2015

Traditions, New and Old - Week of Dec. 7th

Ms. Ann & Cam- Cam's 1st Fish Fry
"The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us." ~ Terri Marshall

Starting new traditions can be just as much fun as continuing those we already do annually.  On Friday evening, we were fortunate to have Oma with us and our family traveled to Sparta to meet Ms. Ann, Christopher and Cassie to enjoy the monthly fish fry at the Moose Lodge.  We dined on delicious perch and potatoes.  Cam was pretty excited they also offered chicken tenders and french fries.  We met some incredibly sweet people, along with a woman who kept telling Cam how handsome he was- we think he may have been blushing!

On Saturday, Oma and Cam tackled the gingerbread house decorating.  In case you haven't been gingerbread house shopping lately, they now come pre-assembled and have a complete set of sticky frosting and candy to create your own unique design.  Be forewarned that it seems quite impossible to duplicate the picture-perfect houses shown on the box.
We were all quite pleased with the outcome, though, and it's now proudly displayed on the dining room table for all to see.

Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13th, was a balmy 62 degrees in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Even though there was a bit of rain, we decided we needed to venture over to check out Dave and Busters.  Cam had never been there and in addition to being in a giant arcade, they also serve up some very tasty food.

Expanding our annual outings made for a busy (and very fun) weekend!

Cam-ology Quotes:
(Dad) Cam, you look pretty.
"Dad, girls are pretty.  I am handsome!"

Ms. Ann hung out with Cam on Saturday eve while Chris and Jane attended the FTCH holiday party.
How was your day?  What did you do today?
(Ms. Ann) Well, Mia (her dog) was having a hard time because of the parade and all of the noise outside.  She was inside most of the day because of all of the activity.
Did you put on her shirt?
(Ms. Ann told us the last time she talked to Cam about Mia's 'anxiety shirt' was in July!  The shirt is put on Mia to help calm her)

Jane explained to Chris & Cam over the phone that a nearby restaurant called Taj Mahal (which Cam has never been to) was closed.
Why did it close?
(Mom) I don't know, Cam.  It is definitely closed.
Well, that's a bummer!

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