Sunday, August 30, 2015

See You Laters - Week of Aug. 24th

In our home, we prefer to say "see you later" instead of goodbye.  It sounds less permanent by implying that it won't be too long before we meet again.

Our long-time neighbor and Emma's oldest sister, Anna, was off to begin her freshman year at Hope College.  Our family dinners together are always filled with laughs, as was the case this time.  Anna has been a big part of our lives and we have watched her grow into a beautiful, sweet, funny, endearing young lady full of faith and promise for a bright future.  Cam is excited to visit her sometime in Holland and see her dorm room.

Our second "see you later" was for cousin Meg and her cutie kids, Gavin and Ella Jane.  Although we couldn't share any beach time on this rainy day, we still had play time inside the cottage.

Each spring, all of the cousins decide that this will be summer when we'll figure out so many things to do together with the kids.  The time slips away too quickly and it seems the long days begin to pass by faster than a sand timer.

At least we will see them all again at Christmas time for the Jellema family party, sometimes hosted at Cam's house.

And although we said "see you later" to the spring baseball season quite some time ago, we just received the professional pics this past week.  The fall season for West Michigan Miracle League begins Saturday, Sept. 12th.  And you can catch this handsome face on the field!

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