Sunday, November 23, 2014

Snow before Thanksgiving?! - Week of Nov. 17th

A big surprise this week came in the form of two snow days for Cam!  For someone who enjoys school so much, being home unexpectedly on a weekday was not in the game plan.  And since it was still a bit early for 20+ inches of snowfall, Cam didn't even have his new snow pants for the season.   So, we filled the days with games and activities inside as well as some neighborly visits.

School was back in session on Thursday- Cam (and mom) were very happy to be making the trek down the driveway to wait for the bus.
At Cam's elementary school, they've started a "Link" program, whereby kids with different abilities are linked with their peers who volunteer to be a "Link" buddy.
"Link" is about creating connections within a diverse group of students and ensuring that all students are acknowledged for what makes them different and what makes them and all of us the same.
On Friday, Cam and buddies played boccie ball at school.  The game has been modified slightly to include a ramp that Cam uses to push the ball independently.  Cam definitely enjoys participating in boccie!   

The students in the program all eat lunch together and on this day, the local school district newsletter folks came by to take a group picture of everyone.  Can you find Cam in the sea of blue?

Cam was also in blue when he met Ms. Brittan.  She came to visit with her mom, Mandy, who is such a good friend to Jane.  The two kids had fun playing together and we hope to get them together again soon.

With every new experience, one hopes there is always the opportunity to make a new friend...

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