Sunday, November 16, 2014

1st Sign Bearer - Week of Nov. 10th

Some people come into our lives and quickly go...Others leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same...

This week, we were all given the honor of being a part of Katherine's wedding to Paul.    It was a week of preparation, planning, and practicing some picture-perfect smiles!

As master and mistress of ceremonies, Chris and Jane tried to fulfill some of their duties prior to the big day.  Chris used his dremel skills, with Cam's supervision, to create the table numbers and sentiments etched into small pumpkins.  Jane was entrenched in crafting projects with Ann to add special homemade touches for the reception and ceremony.

Cam himself was given the honor of being the Sign Bearer in the
Fabric covered the other side of the sign
so the fabric could be flipped over for the
drive back out!
Sign shown to congregation
upon exiting..
wedding!  Katherine created this term and the sign!  Each day as the wedding drew closer, Cam kept asking "when wedding?"  On the day of the rehearsal, he wore a special V.I.P. (Very Important Person) shirt given to him by the sweet couple.  To be a sign bearer, one needs a sign to bring down the aisle.  The sign itself was attached to Cam's powerchair:  he went down the aisle right before Katherine showing the sign reading "Here Comes the Bride!"  After the happy couple were pronounced man and wife, he drove back out after them with the other side of his sign reading "& They Lived Happily Ever After."

This was the very first occasion Cam attended where a tux was required.  Although he wanted to wear it to school, Jane convinced him to wait until the day of the wedding.  Cam proudly carried out his duties as Sign Bearer and the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch!  Oma and Opa were invited to the festivities as well and we cannot thank them enough for being such a big help on this most important day!

Cam enjoyed dancing with the bride, Ms. Ann as well as his mom and dad.  He even took a spin around the dance floor in his powerchair.

There are moments in life and people in those moments that truly take your breath away.  This day, these people, so many moments...

We are humbled by the graciousness of our wonderful Katherine who gave us the gift of herself for almost three years as Cam's dedicated nanny.  We are blessed to have our circle extended by Katherine's mom, Ms. Ann, Molly & Gordy and Christopher and now Paul and his family.  Without our Cam, we wouldn't have the immense pleasure of knowing these people.  We are beyond thankful for them all!

At the end of the day, it's about the love, the magic, and the footprints that will always be in our hearts...

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Anonymous said...

This is FABULOUS! Love the pumpkins. What a fantastic idea and the sign on Cam's chair is simply brillant. Thanks for sharing the pics and the story. Jane, love you bunches. You are a continual inspiration to everyone who has the privilege to meet you and especially for us who call you friend! Happy Thanksgiving!