Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom's Day 2014 - Week of May 5th

We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves. ~Henry Ward Beecher

The lineup for Cam's Saturday baseball game was quite extensive.  The Astros were set to play the Yankees, the sun was shining, and important guests were headed to the game.
Kathy and Richard Verlander, Justin Verlander's parents, were at the WMML field to sign their book, "Rocks Across the Pond."  Being the parents of a Detroit Tigers pitcher and West Michigan Whitecaps right fielder, the Verlanders graciously signed a personalized copy for every player on the WMML league!
In Cam's fan club at the game were some more famous people, in Cam's life...Oma & Opa, Auntie Jo and Will, as well as Cam's teacher, Ms. Barbara and her daughter Carly!  Wow- it was quite a crowd.
And when you gather that many people together, chances are everyone might not be looking at the camera at the same time...

Another memorable surprise was a bouquet of flowers provided for every mom of a WMML player. Cam happily presented Jane with a sweet arrangement of blossoms.

At school, the kids made homemade hand cream, which truly smells wonderful, and Cam proudly gave it to Jane and Oma.

The Mother's Day treats just kept coming with a homemade card and very special mug that Cam picked out.  Pictured here, the words and picture on the mug only "become visible" only when hot liquid is added to the cup.  The sentiment reads "RAWR" means I love you in dinosaur."  "Rawr" is one of Cam's favorite books about a dino's insistence that roaring means I love you!

On Sunday, the Weatherford family traveled northward to see Oma, Opa and cousin Steffanie.  More Mother's Day gifts were exchanged- beautiful flowers for the gardens and pretty clothes.  Steff gave both Jane and her grandma bouquets inside of watering cans- so clever.
The big excitement for the day occurred when cousin Mike happened upon a blue racer snake.  Cam giggled as his dad and Steff tried to corner the slithering reptile. Such a fun day and being able to walk on the beach again with our feet in the sand was a gift in itself!
We were thankful to be surrounded by family and friends this weekend, to soak up the sun and to celebrate all moms everywhere!    And this guy sure makes a mom proud!!

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