Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cam the Baker - Week of Apr. 28th

"Baking is love made visible...."

Cam ended up with a little extra time on his hands this week.  Due to the rainy weather, Cameron's baseball game was cancelled Saturday morning.

With a boy who asks to help with projects on a daily basis, this week 'Auntie' Ronda stepped in to do some delicious baking with Cam.  And Ronda's niece, Rachel, paid a visit to take a selfie with her buddy.

An inherited trait from both Chris and Jane is Cam's sweet tooth.  Chocolate of almost any kind is his favorite dessert choice.  The baker's agenda this week included homemade banana bread.  The bread tastes just fine on its own, but when the bakers add chocolate chips, it takes this treat to the next level.  The mini chips are mixed into the batter and also sprinkled on top before the loaf pans take a trip to the oven.

Of course, licking the batter before cleanup is required.
Next up on the list - a true favorite...brownies with chocolate chips.  Cam couldn't decide if the brownie batter or the actual brownie tasted better!
Our household enjoyed banana bread for breakfast and brownies for dessert after dinner.
Here's some sage advice for the week: "Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into 4 pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of those pieces..."

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