Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break Begins - Week of Mar. 31st

Thursday marked the beginning of spring break!  Although our family didn't have plans to travel anywhere, there was plenty of activity at home.
Cam's Grandma arrived to help keep the kindergartner busy with some homework over break by playing school.  Oma's school day included working with letters, numbers, flash cards, memory games and comprehension story questions.  And some of you reading this know that Oma used to be a teacher herself!

As an added spring break surprise. Oma gave her grandson a calendar to utilize and update on a daily basis.  Every morning, Cam has to choose the month, day, and today's weather on the magnet board.

Even with spring break school in session, there's plenty of time for some clowning around.  Cameron thoroughly enjoys making people laugh.  As a part of his nightly routine, he's taken to "hiding" from Mom, with Dad's help. He tries to be very quiet when his mom comes in to find him...and he did a great job while he was tucked away in his laundry basket!

It was such fun to have Jane's mom stay with us for two nights, which of course means that one lucky boy is treated to three story readers each evening Oma is around, and maybe, just maybe a few extra hugs and kisses as well.

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