Sunday, April 13, 2014

Early Easter Egg Hunt - Week of Apr. 7th

Nicer weather seems to bring out the smiles and silliness in everyone....

Spring break continued through this week and once again, we were so happy to have Oma stay with us for a couple of days to play school with Cam!
As a special treat, we had a surprise meeting set up with Ashley & Peter, two awesome grad students that have worked with Cam over the past two years at Grand Valley.  Of course, on a warm sunny afternoon, what better place to meet up than Spoonlickers where you create your own sundae with a frozen yogurt base and then pile on all sorts of goodies.  A sweet treat all the way around!

To continue the chocolate brigade, Auntie Jo and Will arrived Saturday morning so the boys could embark on an early Easter egg hunt.   While the eggs were being hidden outside, the two anxious buddies watched a little Curious George together.

The eggs were hidden in some pretty precarious places- in trees, perched on top of outside lights, nesting inside car tires, under bushes, in the yard.  Truly, no stone was left unturned!

Auntie Jo found incredibly cute chocolate bunnies for Will and Cam- a soccer bunny for Will whose soccer skills will be in full force on Tuesdays and a baseball bunny for Cam in honor of him playing on the WMML league for the Astros starting next Saturday!!

The families shared a picnic lunch outside and the boys played tag and hide and seek for over an hour.  We couldn't have asked for better timing as the rain held off until the afternoon when egg hunting and boy playtime had almost come to an end.

Although, the boys apparently thought they may have further adventures if they left the area in a getaway vehicle...

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