Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kindergarten Round Up! - Week of Apr. 22nd

The school Cameron will be attending in the fall is Meadow Brook Elementary School located less than 10 minutes from his home!  Chris and Jane told Cam that it is much bigger than the elementary schools they attended.  Over 500 kids attend Meadow Brook providing education for Kindergarten - 4th grade.

For Kindergarten Round Up, Cam took a tour of the school and met some other kids as well as teachers.  There is a large cafeteria, gym, and media center.  Part of the morning was spent riding a bus so that first-time riders could get used to it.  Of course, Cameron is a pro at bus riding- he's been doing that for two and a half years!  Now that Cam knows where his new school is, we had to drive cousin Libby to see it too.  He happily posed for a pic with his Dad in front of the school's flagpole. 
The big boy sat on the bench outside of Meadow Brook and showed Libby where the playground was. 

It was a busy weekend for Cam, first attending Emma's soccer game where he watched her score a goal! 

After the game, a picnic was prepared for Emma, Cam and Jane to meet up with Auntie Jo and buddy Will.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the friends met at Pere Marquette in Muskegon.  The kids played in the sand and on the playground.  The beach was toasty warm and the picnic lunch was delicious.

We hope the warm weather is here to stay since we saw some crazy wet snow this week, which thankfully, didn't stay on the ground too long!

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