Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to 2013! - Week of Dec. 31st

A new year may signify different things to different people...some may see it as a time for renewal, commit to a resolution, or make changes.  Our family saw it as time for lots of backyard sledding!

One of the best features of our housing move to the next street was the big backyard.  We had hoped it would be great for sledding and we weren't disappointed!

It turns out there are almost 3 separate sledding hills if you start at the very top.  The steepest face at the peak brings you to the second small hill where you level out and then onto the 3rd hill.  At the bottom of that last hill, it may become necessary to "bail out" before plowing into an obstruction, the biggest of which is the house itself!  Cameron has mastered going solo on all three of the hills.

Sledding brings friends and Cam enjoyed the outdoor activity with his favorite neighbor girls as well as his buddy, Forest.  The boys were out sledding for the better part of an afternoon and Forest insisted they all "go at the same time" down the hills.  Back indoors, it was time to enjoy some hot cocoa, play with cars and try out a new stamp set Cam was given at Christmas.
There was even talk of a "sleepover" in the spring and plans for another visit very soon.  A big thanks to Miss Kathy and Forest for the fun-filled day.

We discovered the hill in the front yard has its own sledding advantages too.  Cam was going so fast, even Chris had a hard time keeping up!

We wish all of you a Happy New Year and look forward to all of the exciting adventures that await our family in 2013!!

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