Sunday, January 13, 2013 January? - Week of Jan. 7th

It seems that our weather flipped regions of the country this weekend... Record highs in Michigan and record lows in California.

Instead of sledding, it was time to break out the golf clubs on a January day that made it into the high 50's.
Basically there are 34 rules of Golf.  However, there are approximately more than 100 sections and subsections. Moreover, there are over 2000 explanatory decisions, probably giving golf the most complicated rules of any sport.

Instead of boring Cameron with all of these finite rules, Cam's Dad provided his own set of guidelines to follow.

  • Try to golf with a buddy whenever possible. (Thanks for joining us, Emma!)  This makes the game infinitely more enjoyable and provides you with another person to commiserate with.
  •  Take a practice shot at each hole.  This may make absolutely no difference at all, but definitely helps you appear more professional.
  • Aim away from buildings, cars, homes, people, animals, anything in harm's way.
  •  Never, ever take yourself too seriously!

We have no doubt that next week you'll see some pictures of Cam sledding again, but it was a treat to feel the warm air, if only for a the middle of winter.

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