Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family Pics - Week of Sept. 17th

"A picture is a poem with words" ~ Horace
"A picture is worth a thousand words" ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
"The soul never thinks without a picture" ~ Aristotle

Every week, this blog tells a story with pictures.  This week is no exception.

In fact, this week, the pictures are the story.  Cam's amazing nanny, Katherine, can count 'photographer' as one of her endless talents.  She graciously volunteered her time (and awesome camera) to take some fall family shots of the Weatherfords.

Some find it hard to believe that with all of Cameron's challenges, he is one of the happiest kids around.  Cam's parents find it fitting that he tackles each obstacle and still smiles!

  Because of our weekly updates here, we have compiled more pictures of Cam than we ever imagined.  Thankfully, he's pretty photogenic!!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!

AnnieLou said...

One reason Cam is so happy is that he has outstandingly wonderful parents!!!