Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School! - Week of Sept.3rd

While some kids dread the thought of going back to school, Cameron couldn't be happier to be back in the routine!  A preregistration day offered a glimpse into Cam's new classroom and allowed him to meet his teachers before school began.  He had his picture taken, picked out a toothbrush, and found his yellow cubbie with his name.
Tuesday marked the official start and Cam had a few added tasks added throughout his longer school day.  The Wellerwood PreSchool has a Head Start program that Cam is a part of for this school year.  The bus picks him up at 11:50am and then he is picked up from school at 4pm.  The twist this year is that Cameron eats lunch with all of his classmates at school!  And after lunch, he brushes his teeth.  The menu is federally mandated and unbelievably healthy. A sample will need to be posted in an upcoming blog to see how it compares with your own lunch.

There are 12 kids in Cam's class and he's already made some new friends! 
His teacher has told us that he is most definitely one of the happiest kids she's ever seen. 
With Cam learning new things every week, he may have to work on his patience skills- he certainly can't wait for his school bus to drive down the street to pick him up!

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