Sunday, June 24, 2012

House for Sale - Week of July 18th

This week, Cameron's house was officially listed on the housing market for sale.  Jane called in some extra help to get everything ready. 'Auntie' Ronda and cousin Coco provided some whirlwind assistance.  There was still time for some silliness when Coco had Cam try on her glasses.
A big thanks to Katherine, Ronda and Coco because after the first day of showings, we had an offer!  Cam's home if now in negotiations and we will hopefully close on the deal at the end of July.

Cameron also had to go back to school this week as well as "work" at his Grand Valley State University job helping out the graduate students.  For the first time ever, Cam worked with three boys in his morning session.  The professor heading up the course, Miss Lisa, had a big laugh.  She's well aware that Cameron is a bit flirtatious with the girls.  But in this session, when all of the boys were working with Cam, Miss Lisa came over to give him lots of kisses.  She indicated that Cam actually rolled his eyes at her in 'embarrassment' because he was with the dudes.

Another bonus to the college day- Cam was able to see his good buddy, Liam, who also attends the same school with him.  It was a big treat and the guys really enjoy playing together.  Actually, all of the parents enjoy playing together too!

On Sunday, the family made a quick afternoon trip up to the cottage for a nice long walk on the beach with good friends/adopted cousins, Sarah and Matt Huey.
Cam and his Mobile had a good workout along with cousin Coco and her dogs.
It was fun to hang out with Sarah and Matt...Sarah is planning on a career in speech pathology as she begins filling out applications for grad school (we can't wait for her to work with Cam!) and Matt is headed off to Michigan Tech this fall.  With the Lake Michigan water feeling warmer every week, Cam should be able to go swimming very soon!!

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