Monday, June 11, 2012

A Bat, A Birthday, A Basketball - Week of June 4th

The packing continued this week for the Weatherford household.  Cameron had fun helping put things in boxes and supervising.  Chris thought it would be helpful if he packed up Cam too!

With all of the activity this week, there was bound to be a few surprises.  It turns out if you leave a door open without much supervision while moving things out of your home, an unexpected guest may show up.  As the family cat, Stella, kept peering out Jane's window (or rather up under the blinds) all day Monday, no one could figure out what was so interesting.  After Cam went to bed, Jane lifted the blind up a bit and sat back at her computer.  Not long after, a bat came swooping into the room!  Can you spot the winged wonder?  Cam couldn't stop laughing when Jane told him the story the next morning about his Dad saving his Mom from the creature.

Jane's birthday was on Saturday and 'Auntie' Amanda provided the second surprise of the week by driving into town and spending the day and evening with the family.  Cam made a special card for his Mom and gave her a  basketball hoop and basketball for their new house!  The hoop is already there but definitely needed a replacement. 
Many thanks to all of the extra help and visits we've received and a special accommodation to our wonderful neighbors who provided the greatest sidewalk chalk advertisement at the end of our driveway!

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