Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Christmas Card - Week of Dec. 12th

Just one week away from Christmas and the Weatherford household has been filled with festive activities...
Grandma brought her famous holiday cut-out cookies, all ready to decorate. Since Cameron recently had a bit of experience with this at his social outings, he was excited to tackle the task.
Here is his five-step process for cookie decorating.
Step 1. Be certain that two types of frosting are available. Preference is vanilla and chocolate.
Step 2. Do not attempt to put all decorative sprinkles on the cookie itself. This is what a large work area is for.
Step 3. If some of the frosting happens to make it to your mouth instead of the cookie, that's ok. Grandmas don't mind this at all.
Step 4. Be sure to thoroughly taste-test your cookie. Note that this may require multiple bites.
Step 5. Share your cookie creations with everyone you love!!

After completing his 5-step process, Cam, Chris and Jane headed over for a playdate with Liam and his mom and dad. The boys tried to convince their parents that the single passenger car was, in fact, available as a two-seater!
What a fun evening for everyone...

Just a week before Christmas and Cameron's delinquent parents finally finished creating their 2011 holiday card.
Check your mailbox soon!!

5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

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