Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Parties for Cam - Week of Dec. 5th

As the holidays draw near, the calendar begins to seem a bit crowded with events. This week was one of the busiest yet for Cam!

Two holiday parties happened to land on the same day- First stop was Winterfest at Cam's school where Coco joined in the fun. There were different areas set up for arts and crafts, face painting, dance movement, and Cameron's favorite, cookie decorating.
A wooden frame was ready for embellishment in the arts and crafts room. The 4x6 was reserved for the picture that Cam would be in with Santa.
Frosting the Christmas cookies proved challenging in the sense that not much of the frosting made it on the cookies!!
After a few snapshots with Santa, the family was off to Mary Free Bed for the second holiday event.

At MFB, Cam saw life size characters in costume- a reindeer, penguin, lion, etc. He received a toy from Santa all wrapped up and did great on Santa's lap. Best of all for Cameron, MFB also had a cookie decorating room! Once again, the frosting had a tough time making it to the cookie because Cam decided it was much too delicious to keep from tasting immediately.
On Friday, Cameron had some playtime with cousin, Steffanie and was very happy to see her.

Cam's buddy Will and Auntie Jo came over to celebrate Christmas on Saturday. After playtime with cars, present exchange and some delicious dinner, the boys and the moms headed out to drive the kids through the Fifth Third Ballpark Nite Lights exhibit. It was debatable who enjoyed the light display most! Such a fun evening, making us so thankful to be able to spend time with Jo & Will.

The holidays also bring out the best in our other family member, Stella the cat. "Hiding" under the tree is one of her favorite activities. She has no idea how I snapped this picture since she believes she's completely camouflaged underneath it.


Anonymous said...

I love the one of Cam holding his photo frame. It's like he's saying "Ummm, excuse you see what an AWESOME job we did on this frame? It's clearly the best!" :) And then Will...who looks mortified to be in the van for one moment longer. LOL. Love your photos, I still look forward to them every week! Merry Christmas to all of you! *hugs* !! Marcy Hannahs

Anonymous said...

LOL, I guess it's not a van. Sorry :) You get my drift...hee hee.