Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Buddy Will - Week of June 1st

Cameron definitely exhibits many characteristics of being a boy... take for instance the day this week when Chris wanted him to play with pudding. He's thoroughly enjoying the whole experience!

Chris and Jane had some leftover bubbles from a wedding last weekend and Cam tried to catch them as they floated down. Stella was a little more cautious and keeping a distance from Cam since he has taken a few chunks of fur from her heavily coated mane.
Grandma had a great time pretending she was a jungle gym that Cameron could climb over.

Sunday was a very special day when the family ventured out to visit with the Alfords. Will is a year younger than Cam and although he was happy to let Cam play with his toys, Will does seem a little surprised by the whole experience here.

Many thanks to Annie for spending the week with us and helping out so much.

And a very special, heartfelt thanks to the Alfords-
Jo, Chris, Will and Jeanne for surprising Jane
with an extra special early bday celebration and providing our families more memories, great food and good times!!
Cameron seems to think he definitely needs one of these chairs:)

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