Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walking in Walker - Week of June 15th

Cameron has been making great strides lately... literally! His friend, Julie, who sees him almost every week, brought a very cool walker for Cam to use to practice walking. (Thanks so much Julie!)

Since there is a bit too much carpet in the house, Chris and Jane have opted to clear out the garage so that Cameron has full use of the space. As you can see, he works very hard, and Chris and Jane are so very proud of their big boy!

Chris had a great Father's Day since Cam and Jane let him know that he is the best Dad ever!
Cameron wanted to be around his dad every minute and liked watching him take apart the backyard deck in preparation to build a new one. Cam knows he has a very talented Dad and hopes that one day he can learn how to do all of the cool stuff that Chris does.
Hope all of the Dads out there had a great Father's Day too!

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Anonymous said...

So excited for Cam and his new walker! Yay :) Hope to see you again, soon, Jane! Hugs, Marcy.