Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween - Week of Oct. 27th

It was a fun-filled week for Cameron...his regular nanny, Anne, had a back injury, so her parents, Cam's aunt & uncle, came to stay with him on Tuesday! They had lots of fun playing and reading books. Uncle Joe was very pleased to see Cam wearing his Phillies jersey since they were only a half game away from winning the World Series! Thanks so much Aunt Joyce & Uncle Joe!!

For the remainder of the week, Cameron & Grandma hung out together and spent lots of quality time together. Thanks so much for spending half the week with us Grandma!! Cam loved taking walks with you and seeing the pumpkins that he watched his Dad carve so expertly!

Finally, on Friday, it was time to dress up for Halloween.

Cameron had a late nap, so Jane had to wake him up to go over to Chris' work where they have family trick-or-treating at everyone's desks! Chris dressed for Halloween too- he went as "Chris on Vacation." What a relaxing costume!
Cam had fun seeing other kids and his Dad's co-workers. However, he did try to steal some candy from this scary guy!!

Back at home, Cameron had to dress up as a Phillies fan since they won the World Series!! He greeted the neighbors outside since it was such a nice evening.

Cam also had his very first taste of a sucker- hmmm, do you think he may have a sweet tooth? Please don't let the dentist know!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!!

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