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Faithful Friends - Week of May 13th

"Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend." ~Bill Watterson

When Cam's parents were his age, Calvin and Hobbes was a very popular comic strip published in the newspaper on a weekly basis.  It followed the adventures of Calvin, a young boy who seemed adult-like in his thinking, and his imaginary tiger friend, Hobbes.  Bill Watterson created the stories and the memorable quotes to go along with them. "Know what's weird? Day to day nothing seems to change, but pretty soon everything is different" and "Great experiences are even better when they're shared."

This time of year in Michigan, it's always crazy to experience the temperature change from one week to the next.  On Friday, Jane picked up Cam from school for her son's working session with the Grand Valley PT graduate students.  Cameron explains to the students how to transfer him, relax his muscles and understand his tone.  It's always such a positive experience and a true win-win situation.  To celebrate the end of the week, our family ate dinner outside at a sushi restaurant. 

Cam tried shrimp and vegetable tempura for the first time!  (A shout out to Mrs. Stephanie F. for always encouraging Cam to try new food adventures and he mentioned your name during dinner!)

Saturday morning, the weather couldn't have been better 🌞 The Cam fans were in full force!  A good friend and classmate of Brody and Cam, Tiana, was there to cheer on her school buddies.  Our dear family friends, Patti and Steve arrived as well.  Ms. Coleen is a such a huge baseball fan and couldn't wait to see her buddy play this season.

One of Cam's teammates is Daniel.  He has the same powerchair as Cameron and we found out that they will be attending summer camp together in July!  It always nice knowing there will be someone else you're familiar with.  We dined on Culver's afterwards with Ms. Coleen.

Sunday was another picture perfect weather day.  Jane and her son made their way to visit with Oma and Opa while Chris headed to the golf course.  We strolled along the perimeter of their community grounds.  The flowers are in full bloom and we relaxed outside in the courtyard for a bit after our exercise.

In the afternoon, we all exchanged hugs before heading back to Grand Rapids.  Cam and his mom only had time for a quick break before leaving again with Chris.  

We were destined for Uccello's restaurant where we were meeting Brody with his family and friends.  The celebration for Brody's birthday was a blast.  He chose three of his high school friends to accompany him.  Cam's bday present to his buddy was a t-shirt with the words "Awesome Since May 2007" as well as birthday socks in honor of turning 17.  During dinner, there was lots of laughter.  

To end our evening, the entire dinner crew met at our local ice cream place, Frosty Boy.  It was crowded, especially for a Sunday, but even waiting in the long line was fun.

And truly, not too many things taste better than the very first outdoor summer ice cream of the season!

Camology Quotes:

If you find a best friend who is always supportive, it is such a gift.  At school, whenever other kids act up, Brody is always comforting to his buddy. Cameron provided the following in his birthday card for his best bud: 

"Brody, I always appreciate that you are there for me when I need you. You always assure me when things happen at school that you are there for me. Thank you for being my best friend! Happy 17th Birthday!! Love, Cam

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