Sunday, November 19, 2023

On Overdrive - Week of Nov. 13th

"I have always had this energy, which I think of as overdrive." ~Terence Stamp

Clearly, the birds roaming in our backyard have no idea that turkey day is only a week away.

Cameron headed into the doctor's office Monday a.m. still unable to shake the crazy cough.  They ordered a chest x-ray and prescribed Z-pak to help settle the illness.  He remained at home three days this week.  We were a bit uncertain if he would be well enough to attend the first power soccer tournament in Michigan right in Grand Rapids.

Cam rallied, as he typically does, and wanted to attend with his teammates.  The tournament was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Special Olympics of Michigan (SOMI) building, just 25 minutes from our home.  The Mary Free Bed team is named Overdrive.

SOMI was hosting the first ever Power Soccer Tournament in Michigan on November 18-19, 2023. This tournament was open to all United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) teams. 
Special Olympics Michigan (SOMI) is making major construction milestones transforming the once South Christian High School into the world’s largest inclusive sports facility - the Special Olympics Michigan Unified Sports & Inclusion Center. With state-of-the-art renovations nearing fifty percent complete inside the building, work is now set to begin on the campus’ 17-acre outdoor sports complex. The exterior complex includes an eight-lane collegiate-level track, five natural grass soccer fields, three pickleball courts, a putting/chipping green, 10 bocce ball courts, an athlete promenade, and an outdoor plaza.

3 games were played on Saturday and 1 game on Sunday.  The team gathered in a room where they were each fitted with a foam board attached to the back with their name and number.  Light and dark jerseys depict the "home" or "away" team for each match.  Chris adds the front "plate" to Cam's power chair, while other kids are transferred into a lower chair designed for power soccer.  Cam's dad also set up a table for Lori's Voice, one of the sponsors for the tournament.

Cam was sent into play for one of the games on Saturday.  During the timeframe he was with his teammates, they scored their one and only goal!  He was a part of the assist and could not stop smiling afterwards.  

The experience with the Overdrive team promotes friendships and inclusion.  Each member has some type of physical challenge.  They are all excited to be a part of a sport with kids ranging in age from first grade through adulthood.  We knew Cam was having a good time since he opted to have lunch with his teammates instead of going out to dine somewhere.  It definitely was a bonus that the food was from Chick-Fil-A!

Chris and Jane weren't certain how the weekend would progress since Cameron had been fighting a virus.  They knew they scored big Sunday afternoon when Cam announced that he wanted to create a short movie about the Overdrive Power Soccer Tourney!

See Cam's one-minute video here:

Camology Quotes:

Cameron definitely comes up with some crazy phrases.  Every week or so, he requests assistance from his mom to trim his nails.  He has a reference for when they are ready to be cut.

"Mom, these nails are crispy!"

What does that mean, Cam?

"It means they are overdone!"

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