Sunday, June 4, 2023

All Good Things Come to an End - Week of May 29th

"It lasted for a long time, I believe. A very long time. It was a great success, but even great successes come to a natural end.” ~Isaac Asimov

Dr. Seuss is quoted as saying, "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened." 

On Memorial Day, we were excited to celebrate Cam's very first friend and buddy in this world, Emma.  Her graduation open house party was scheduled from 5:30p-7:30p.  The old neighborhood gang was together once again.  We all had a great time catching up with friends we hadn't seen in awhile.  Too soon, it was after 7p and Cameron came looking for his parents, reminding them he still had homework to complete.  Thank goodness for the most responsible person in our family.

Wednesday at school, Cam and some classmates presented their computer class projects.  Jane was able to pop over and hear Cam's portion.  The Gone Boarding project handmade skateboard was also completed!  Cameron was happy with the finished output which included his name and the Brody's Be Cafe logo.

Oma and Opa arrived Friday afternoon to spend a couple of nights with us.  Jane's mom brought a special surprise early birthday cake from their favorite bakery, Ryke's.  That evening our surf and dinner was complemented by the delectable white cake with raspberry filling and pink frosting.  Cam declared that chocolate ice cream paired best with the dessert.

Cam's grandparents were anticipating their grandson's final WMML game of the spring season on Saturday morning.  Chris was involved in the Lori's Voice fundraiser walk taking place at the same time.  Cam's helper was Carmen from the Miller Johnson law firm.  At his two times up to the batter box, Cameron nailed the hit and rounded the bases.  At the end of the game, each player is presented with a medal.  Brody and Cam were treated to a Culver's lunch to close out the spring season.

After our tasty lunch, we got busy making homemade applesauce. We found frozen sliced Michigan apples at Whole Foods and decided to test out the flavor for our homemade goodness.  Cam's grandma has always used a chinois strainer and pestle for the process.  Opa and his grandson both took turns using the pestle to push the sauce out of the strainer and into the bowl.  Once completed, Cam's expert tastebuds come into play.  We only needed a quarter cup of sugar to complete our recipe.  As a family, we watched the Jungle Cruise movie that evening which we all enjoyed.

We said goodbye to Cam's grandparents Sunday afternoon and thanked them for everything.  

As a family, we worked on a few home projects. Since it was such a nice day, Chris recommended an outdoor dining experience for dinner.  We made the short drive over to a favorite local spot, JT's.  In Michigan, the opportunity for eating on an outside patio is usually just a few months...time to start taking full advantage!

Camology Quotes:

One morning this week, Jane wore a pair of ripped white jeans.  Chris told his wife they were nice pants and asked Cam's mom if she realized there were actual holes in her jeans.  Cameron immediately said to his dad:

"Is that positive negativity? Like it's a compliment but not really?!"

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