Sunday, June 12, 2022

Ending to Beginning - Week of June 6th

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." ~Semisonic, Closing Time 

We are always told that time seems to accelerate the older you are. As parents, we are acutely aware of this with each passing year.  

Tuesday evening was deemed "Class Night" for the Forest Hills Northern Middle School 8th grade class.  Some referred to it as 8th grade graduation while others saw it as the official transition to high school.  8th Grade Class Night Video:  The event was livestreamed online and lasted a little more than 1 hour.  Each eighth grader had to turn in 6 words to show when they went across the stage to accept their certificate.  Displayed on the large screen was the teen's school picture along with their quote.  Cam's was very fitting: "It was awesome! It was fun!"  

Wednesday marked the official last day of school with dismissal before 11am.  When Cam was off the bus, he and Jane were on their way to meet Chris.  Their destination was Clock Mobility where a brand new handicap accessible van (value of $75,000) was being presented to a family.  The gift was provided by Lori's Voice, the non-profit organization where Cam's dad is a board member.  The family from Brighton with five kids was very appreciative.  Lori's Voice provided a catered lunch and Chris picked up a Costco sheet cake.  Every local news outlet was in attendance since this giveaway will happen multiple times.  Any time Lori, the founder of Lori's Voice, sees Cam, she always insists on a picture of the two of them.

Thursday was Jane's birthday and typical of Cam and his dad, she felt very loved.  In the morning, the guys gave her a big certificate for a family movie night and in the evening, Chris brought home one of her favorite takeout dinners and told her that her car would be detailed the next day.  Cam picked out the most fragrant candle for her in a beautiful wooden bowl.

Helping non-profit organizations is a typical family activity for us.  The All Ford and Mustang Car Show of West Michigan is sponsored in part by Lori's Voice.  Chris signed up to volunteer at the event and after he was settled, Cam and his mom drove over.  Jane and Cam were able to watch Chris speak over the microphone about Lori's Voice and the importance of the non-profit, providing necessary equipment to kids with disabilities.  Cam stayed with his dad, talking and meeting people.  Jane had some shopping time and came back to pick up her son.

Sunday late morning, we drove to the Haroldson cottage to have lunch with Coco, Max, Calla and Oma and Opa.  Surprises awaited us.  We were able to hold baby bunnies and they were incredibly soft and cuddly.  Oma and Opa brought an ice cream cake from Country Dairy, a birthday present for Jane and an 8th grade graduation card for Cam.  Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was thanks to Max...

When we arrived at the Haroldson cottage, we noticed an addition leading up to the door.  Where there were previously steps, there were now two new ramps, built by Max.  Cousin Calla took advantage of the new ramping by choosing to crawl up and down. This also meant that for the first time ever, Cam was able to drive with his regular powerchair into their cottage!  

Camology Quotes:

Jane was working upstairs on Friday morning and mentioned to Cam that it would cool if he and Chris could set up some remote control software for her so she could log into her work computer without having to go downstairs.  Cam, the in-house IT specialist, relayed the following to his mom.

"No Mom, that will not work because your work will block that software."  

(of course, he is absolutely 100% correct in his assessment!)

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