Sunday, December 19, 2021

Cam Coupons - Week of Dec. 13th

Atlanta businessman Asa Candler had a brainstorm in 1887 when he created the first coupon. At the time, brainstorm referred to a brief period of insanity, but you can't question the Coca-Cola co-owner's sanity when he hit upon this invaluable marketing device. Looking for a name for the new marketing device, the Coca-Cola co-owner turned to the French language; deriving the word coupon from the French word "couper," meaning "to cut."

Cam arrived home from school mid-week with "Cam Coupons" for his mom and dad.  As an assignment/gift, he had to think of things his parents would appreciate.  His seven coupons consisted of: "I will take out the trash for a week" -- "I will help clean the table for a week" -- "Help with a project" -- "Help plan the meals and make a grocery list for a week" -- "I will not yell at my friends or my parents" -- "Watch a movie with mom and dad of their own choice" and "Free hugs for a week whenever you ask" which is Jane's personal favorite.

The week started off a bit shaky as both Chris and his son seemed to have picked up a nasty cold.  After laying low last weekend, Cam stayed home from school on Monday and Chris was home for the remainder of the week. Jane somehow remained healthy.  After being tested and cleared, the weekend brought normalcy back to the Weatherford household.  

It was a busy week mailing packages and Christmas cards.  Our quality control supervisor, Cam, made certain we finished our tasks and began checking things off the list.  

Our tradition of sending cards involves each family member and it is a labor of love.  When the last card is mailed, we collectively cheer, especially when finishing before Dec. 25th!

Our family joke is that one of these years, we may need to send magnifying glasses along with our cards😉

Camology Quotes:

Cam and his mom are not accustomed to seeing Chris sick.  As a former Marine, he seems to power through everything.  His coughing made his voice crack, which is also very uncommon.  One evening, Cam exclaimed...
"Dad, is your voice broken?! Stop this silliness!"

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