Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Nature of November - Week of Nov. 8th

"A wounded deer leaps the highest." ~Emily Dickinson 

"From all kinds of flowers, Seek teachings everywhere, Like a deer that finds A quiet place to graze, Seek Seclusion to digest All you have gathered. . ." ~Namkhai Norbu

November typically marks a big seasonal shift in the weather, especially in Michigan.  The deer begin their trek through our backyard to hide from hunters and the ground is suddenly covered in frost some mornings.  Since Daylight Savings Time ended on Sun. Nov. 7, our early ventures to meet the bus are much lighter.  We do feel so fortunate to catch the beautiful sunrise we often see from our perch on the hill.  Each one, although similar, seems to contain a different hue and design.

Veterans Day fell on Thursday this week and Cam arrived home with a typed message for his dad. 

"Thank you Dad for serving in the military. You are really kind for being in the military. Thank you for serving. I appreciate you for serving in the military. Thank you!"  Chris told his son it was the best part of his day. We are so very proud of Cam's dad for his four years of service in the Marine Corps.

Cam also received a "Crew" award at school for being an exemplary student and from the picture it definitely looks like he was happy about it too.

Friday evening we saw our first round of actual snow that stuck to the ground, but only for that night.  It did look white and fluffy and the roads weren't affected so it's the best kind of snowflakes to see for the initial arrival.

Saturday was a busy day.  We left Grand Rapids around 10am to drive to the cottage with a list of things to accomplish.  Oma had made us her famous chicken tetrazzini for lunch and it tasted so delicious accompanied by her homemade applesauce.  While Cam and Jane assisted with computer help, Chris and Opa handled the outside water turnoff and finished off a few other tasks.  Lastly, we used the thermal plastic to close off a portion of the dining room to make things a bit warmer with the colder weather setting in.  When we left around 3:30p, the wind was chilly but the rain held off.  

Upon arrival back home, we welcomed Ms. Ann who had planned to hang out with Cam for the evening.  This would be the first time Cam's parents would stay out past Cam's bedtime in almost 2 years! As Cameron has grown, it's a bit more challenging for a single individual to transfer him into bed, but Ms. Ann took on the challenge and crushed it!  Chris and Jane enjoyed an evening at a non-profit function and truly delighted in the picture sent of their happy son in bed.  The evening couldn't have been better for Cam or his parents...and we think that Ms. Ann may have enjoyed herself as well.

Camology Quotes:

Our cat, Stella is now 15 years old which is 76 years of age in a human equivalent. She has settled into a strange routine of wanting to be placed onto Cam's countertop to be able to meow for fresh water in the sink. One evening as Cam started his bathroom routine and Stella was drinking H2O, he was thinking to himself and looking at the shower instead of at his cat. Suddenly, we heard uncontrollable laughter from the bathroom and when Cam could finally breathe again to tell us what happened, this was the punch line.  

"I was not looking at my cat and I turned and she was right in my face. Stella got in my personal space!"

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