Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Covid Conundrum - Week of Oct. 19th

Over the past 7 months, our collective vocabulary has expanded to include the common phrases: social distancing, global pandemic, covid-19, personal protective equipment, virtual learning and the ever popular "do you have your mask?"

For Cam, he does not dwell on the current state of the world.  He accepts the situation, is mindful of the rules and moves forward, happily heading off to school every weekday.
At school, he had the opportunity to play one of his favorite games, Guess Who?  He and Mr. Mark look to be plotting a strategy in this picture.  Mr. Mark is an aide in the classroom and is a former police officer, which is very exciting for Cam.
As our 7th grader participates in class, he is no longer shy about answering questions or volunteering his input.  
He is still the kid who remembers the daily schedule and gives his teacher reminders about things that need to be done and upcoming events.

We received an email at the end of the school day on Tuesday, letting us know that there were a few covid positives in the middle school as well as the high school.  The decision was made to move to remote learning for the remainder of the week, Wednesday through Friday.  

Although it is not Cam's preferred method for his schoolwork, he always makes the best of it.
His desk has been relocated to the sunroom, providing a great view and lots of light.  The doors can be closed so he feels like it is his personal office and workspace.
It's interesting how important this is to him now, especially as it relates to schooling.
With Cam's growth in his independence, he is also experiencing physical growth.  He has told us his leg muscles feel tighter and cramped at bedtime and sleep has been more elusive.  Fortunately, he still has weekly physical therapy sessions after school hours every Thursday.

Our typical weekend of at home projects was interjected with additional rest for the entire family.
Even with less sleep, Cam remains the most positive, upbeat member of our family.
For this, we are forever grateful.

Camology Quotes: 

This picture and quote reminds us of Cam and although he didn't coin this phrase, it certainly speaks to his aspect on life and challenges.  

When speaking about his own situation and using his power mobility, he has said:

"Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same!"

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