Sunday, June 14, 2020

My New Wheels - Week of June 8th

“Abled does not mean enabled. Disabled does not mean less abled.” ~Khang Kijarro Nguyen
"My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible." ~Stella Young 
Cam is very inquisitive and realistic.  He has been asking his parents lately why he has to use a wheelchair.  We tell him that his muscles don't work the same way as others and we talk about what his cerebral palsy diagnosis means.  His response is not one of sorrow or depression.  He accepts the fact that he is different, but we always also talk about the things he can do that no one else can.  He teaches others not to make assumptions about what abilities a person has.

When we arrived at Mary Free Bed Orthotics to pick up Cam's new power wheelchair this week, we were anticipating his reaction.  It was quite a bit of  time adjusting and working things out, but after two hours, we were on our way back home.  Cam declared, "I love my new chair!" 

This is his second power wheelchair and although both are by the same manufacturer, the functionality is quite different.  The new Permobil F5 has advanced controls, including an app controlled by bluetooth connection.  Cam was quite pleased with this upgrade as you can imagine.  He controls the sit to stand ability on his own and when in standing mode, he is eye level with Jane.
There is an adjustment period as Cam re-learns how much area he needs for turning and maneuvering.  We equate it to someone driving a car and then buying a truck as their new vehicle.  Everything is just a little bit different.
It was a celebration kind of week as Chris and Cam gave Jane the ultimate surprise for her birthday.  It can only be described as a larger-than-life illuminated Scrabble board representing our family.  The boys really outdid themselves by using the CNC machine to cut out each "letter" individually, sanding and painting the pieces, then they glued the entire board together, added lights and painted the outline on the wall in white so the lighting would really pop.  Of course, the lighting can be changed via an app that anyone in the household can control!
As a family, we headed out to the hot tub on the weekend at Cam's request.  Although it was warm outside, it was later in the day with a cool breeze and the water felt refreshing.  Cam likes to practice kicking his legs to increase movement.  Just like all of us, he absolutely enjoys the relaxation aspect.

At the end of the weekend, we were all pretty beat from all of the activity and excitement.  Not only did Cam receive new wheels, but our family was awaiting the arrival of our new 'used' van used to transport Cam and his powerchair.
As we looked out the window Sunday evening, we noticed some friendly wildlife was taking a much needed break as well.

Camology Quotes:
Humor, smiles and laughter are a daily requirement in our household.
Cam has become keenly aware of his dad's jokes and sarcasm.  At dinner one evening, Chris indicated that dinner was 'explanariousfantabulouishness babelbomtagerment' and his son had the perfect response.
For 1, I do not even know what that word is and 
For 2, I do not think it is a word!"

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