Sunday, May 24, 2020

No Hugging is Hard - Week of May 18th

"A hug is like a boomerang- you get it back right away." ~Bil Keane
"They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything." ~Bil Keane

Family Circus is a favorite cartoon of many and Bil Keane, it's creator, certainly understood the power of a hug.
During this time of social distancing and being six feet away from others, one of the things we miss most is hugging our friends and extended family members.
We welcomed Oma and Opa on Tuesday, complete with face masks and it was so good to see them after such a long time!
Wednesday afternoon, we surprised Cam's best buddy Brody with lunch from Culver's. We dined in Brody's front yard near the ultimate birthday sign.  After eating, we moved closer towards the roadway as suddenly Brody realized that a car parade to celebrate his day was beginning.  When Cam saw his teachers driving by, his loud screams of pure joy could most certainly be heard throughout the neighborhood.  Seeing friends and teachers in real life is far better than video chats.

An excessive amount of rain fell in our area and some flooding occurred in nearby Ada.  Cam and his mom went to investigate and couldn't believe the entire baseball field was under water along with a sidewalk next to the river.

A good friend and teacher helper at Cam's school requested a short visit with one of her favorites.  We didn't tell Cam and wow, was he shocked!

The weekend found us in project land once again.  With our super long driveway, Cam was a lifesaver transporting a full bucket of water for his mom to give the flowers by the mailbox a drink.

The outdoor LED project between father and son was marked complete!  Cam worked with Chris to program the different options through the app.  Click on this link to see a 1-minute video of the display.
Weatherford Outdoor Lights

Some unusually warm weather found its way into Michigan and one of the activities on our list was to test the underground sprinkling.  Cam's job was to let Chris know if the sprinkler was working and a side effect was attempting to quickly get out of the way of the water stream.  It turns out, though, the cooling spray was quite refreshing.

We did enjoy some down time in the evenings, hanging out and watching a movie.  Even Stella joined us and although the show may not have entertained her, the pets and attention she receives are welcome and appreciated as noted by her extra loud purring.

Camology Quotes:
Cam is on the horizon of receiving his new power wheelchair.  Thankfully, he has reminded Jane to check on delivery dates and appointments.  Along with the new chair, we explained to Cam that a 'newer' van may be required.  As we were searching online for different options, Cam asked what would happen to our old van and had his own idea about its fate.
"Mom, remember the boy who had to be picked up by Mary Free Bed Security for the Halloween Parade?"
"Yes, Cam.  His name is Mowqar and he was in our Halloween Heroes Parade 2 years ago."
"Could we give the van to his family?  He did not have one because Security had to pick him up and drop him off.  I think they could really use it."  

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