Sunday, February 5, 2017

SuperBowl 2017 - Week of Jan. 30th

Cam made it into his mini class paper as "Person in the News" and was interviewed by Ms. Kathy.
Here is the excerpt: "Cam Weatherford is in the spotlight today.  He likes ice cream, hot dogs, pizza and applesauce. (Chicken must not have been an option)  He likes comedy movies.  His favorite classes are reading, writing, math, science, gym, music and art. He likes to listen to music, watch tv, play outside, read, be with family, play inside, eat and do chores while at home."  
Teacher commentary: "Cam Weatherford is special because he is always happy.  He is a good reader.  He like to play games.  He likes to work hard.  He is always nice and kind to everyone."

To continue contributions to his college fund, Cam started his part time job at Grand Valley State University again.  On Wednesday evenings, he works with PT graduate students to help them learn the world of physical therapy with children.  Dr. Lisa says Cam is a great teacher and the students always try to make the time spent fun for everyone...with a bit of work rolled in.

To celebrate the big football game, we invited the Raisch family and Mr. Ken (a.k.a. Papa) over to watch the SuperBowl and partake in some delicious food.  Our assortment included chicken wings, sweet potato and regular fries, bbq smoky links, hummus, crackers, spinach pastry, carrots and celery, along with clementines.  Essentially, something for everyone.  The game seemed a bit one-sided during the first half, but it certainly turned out to be quite the nail biter towards the end when the Patriots won in overtime.  Cam somewhat predicted the potential ending when asked who would win and he said "it will be tie."

In all of the activity and restless sleep this week, we were late in our birthday greetings to Opa.  A big happy birthday, Opa!  We're excited to see him soon to give hugs in person.

Camology Quotes:

The common cold has been hanging around for Cam and there have been many kids absent from school.  One day upon arrival home, Cam indicated 3 of his friends had stayed home due to illness, which led to this question:

"What if came to school and I was the only one at school?"

Also due to the cold, Cam has revised his 'request to help' mantra:
"I would like to do some helping...but not too much helping."

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