Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finding the Links to Unify Others - Week of May 30th

Field Day- Cam with a LINKS buddy
Ms. Barbara & Ms. Ginny
presenting Cam with his award
Cam & Mom
Sometimes you're a part of something that has such an impact, you may not realize it at the time.  We've noted (on more than one occasion) that this community has provided our family with so many opportunities.  Cam's school is a perfect example of driven individuals taking on immense, time-consuming projects on their own accord, specifically Project Unify and LINKS.

Cam & Bus Driver "Mr. D."
What is Project Unify? An education and sports-based program that promotes acceptance, respect, and leadership for students of all abilities while creating an inclusive school environment.
There are four components:
• a unified sport…we play bocce ball 

• a school-wide campaign to foster diversity and respect for all
• a community service project
• a Youth Activation Committee (YAC)
LINKS is a peer-to-peer inclusion program where students support a same-aged peer from the cognitively impaired classroom at school.

Cam & Ms. Kathy
Forest & Cam
Cam has been involved in this program for the past two years.  The awards ceremony honoring each individual student for their participation took place on Friday and parents were invited.  More than 80 elementary students volunteered to be a part of this program and there are 13 kids, including Cam, that they are paired with.  It is truly overwhelming to see kids of all ages celebrating each other.

Another celebration took place on Saturday at the WMML field for Cam's baseball game.  We were surprised to see one of Cam's former teachers, Ms. Kathy and her husband, Carl and Forest.  It's easy to see even though Cam hadn't seen Ms. Kathy or Forest for over a year, he was very excited they were present.
Will, Cam &
Mr. Mike (helper)
Will, Cam, Auntie Jo
Also in the Cam fan club were Auntie Jo and buddy Will as well as Oma!

Big crowd and a perfect day for a ball game and for introducing a new WMML first...from an organization that was new to us- May We Help.
This group brought a batting apparatus powered by a hand pulley.  Cam was able to use the pulley to swing the bat without any help from anyone!  What a cool invention!!

The organization strives to provide support in a different way - by building assistive devices or products to enable people with different abilities to enjoy everyday life.  Individuals devoting their own time and energy to benefit others...sometimes it truly is better to give than to receive...and sometimes your gift of giving means more than any monetary value ever could!

Cam-ology Quotes:
Cam is fully aware that both of his parents have busy schedules with work.  Maybe it's time to find him an electronic calendar...

"Mom, we should go to Heidi's Farm Stand this week!"

Sure thing, Cam.  That sounds good.

"Ok, when are you open?"

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