Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fort City - Week of Apr. 11th

You may have seen the quote "I no longer want to be an adult.  If anyone needs me, I will be in my blanket fort...coloring."  It's truly an activity that brings a smile to everyone's face- adult or kid.
With Cam and his dad engineering the space- string, clips and sheets were the materials chosen.  There was just enough clearance underneath to play a game of Sight Word Zingo, one of Cam's favorite games.
A secondary fort was created in the sunroom and Cam decided that his "van fort" was indeed an ice cream store where you could order anything you wanted.  Emma, pictured below, was one of his customers and she requested the largest amount of dessert ever!  After Cam completed her order, he asked for a tip.  Jane explained to him that it is customary for a person to earn a tip and receive it instead of asking for one.

The chicken eggs from last week became a delicious green eggs and ham breakfast this week, with a little help from some green food coloring.

As we settled back into the school routine, we also headed off for another routine task to the local post office.  Cam and Jane try to do their package mailing after normal business hours since they can use the self-mailing machine in the lobby.  This week we had two boxes to place in the enormous mailbox- one to cousins and one to Grandma Sue.   Cam loves to receive mail and he thoroughly enjoys his correspondence with his Grandma in Kansas:)

The weekend brought Auntie Karen in from the Chicago area.  She graciously spent some quality time with Cam on a leisurely stroll in some gorgeous weather.  Our extended time together included a dinner out, a sewing lesson for Cam, a homemade grilled dinner and awesome outdoor relaxing.  We cannot thank her enough for making the trip and hanging out!

We also went to meet Miss Ella Grace, Ann's first grandchild and Molly and Gordy's daughter.  Ella is the first baby Cam has ever held that was only a few days old!  These two will be buddies for sure and they'll have some bonding time when the families camp together again this summer.

Our weekend wouldn't be complete without some silliness...Dad taking a nap on Cam while on the couch as well as in Cam's bed.

Before any week departs, we try to make certain enough pics were taken for blog.  When life gets busy, sometimes we forget.  Cam, however, asked...on his own accord...if we could take a family picture together "to put in my blog."
And that is a request these parents will never deny!

Cam-ology Quotes:
An email from one of Cam's teachers:  "We did an experiment today and discovered it took 43 pennies to make a full glass of water spill over the top of the glass. Cam predicted it would take more pennies, while some of us predicted it would take fewer pennies so he was right.  We dropped pennies in one at a time and as the number grew, it got very exciting."

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