Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pro Pics 2015 - Week of Nov. 9th

Since Halloween had passed and we had actually been given pumpkins in September, it was time to retire the orange fruit.
Chris ingeniously created a trailer hitch for Cam's power chair to transport the squishy pumpkins out to the neighboring tree area.  Cam took his job very seriously as he took multiple trips with his dad to finish the fun task.  There are some very happy woodland creatures in our surrounding woods.

As a yearly tradition now, the dynamic duo known as GauperPhoto took a mini photo session of the Weatherford family back in September.

With busy schedules and fall weddings, Holly and Ryan Gauper had their hands full.

It was well worth the wait for our pics, especially since they send a link for download, along with a release to re-print the photos wherever or whenever we choose.

Of course, we've saved our favorites for the Weatherford Christmas card, but here's a sneak peek of a few that didn't make the holiday card cut.

"The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it." ~ Ansel Adams

Thank you to the Gaupers for being such awesome photographers and capturing the essence of the Weatherford family...smiles and laughter!

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