Sunday, January 18, 2015

Official Swimming Lessons - Week of Jan. 12th

Cam & Laura
On a cold winter day, a warm relaxing pool certainly does look inviting...
Cam started his swimming lessons this week at MaryFreeBed downtown.
He loves being in the water since his grandparents live on Lake Michigan (which isn't nearly as warm as the toasty pool).  For the next five weeks, he'll be working on being more comfortable in certain areas like floating on his back and being underwater.

We are most fortunate to still have Kelsey with us on Mondays, which just happens to be the same day of Cam's swimming lesson...and that possibly wasn't by coincidence :)
Cam & Kelsey

Since Kelsey is a professional lifeguard, we gained permission from Laura, Cam's assigned instructor, to have Kelsey in the pool as well.  The 45 minute lesson goes by much too quickly, but our water boy is so fortunate to have two instructors, especially when one of them is such a favorite friend.

Besides swimming, another new regiment began- wearing glasses!  Cam had glasses for a short period of time when he was younger and his ophthalmologist thought it would be a good idea to use them now for schoolwork and reading.  Although he doesn't appear overly thrilled in this picture, he really does like them.  Cameron was quite intent on picking the blue colored frames and blue case without any influence from his parents.

At school this week, the kids played boccie ball again and the cool ramp Cam uses has become quite the hit.  When Chris saw this picture from school with his proud son surrounded by a group of girls, his comment was "that's my boy!"

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