Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yoga Time - Week of Dec. 15th

 As the holidays approach, each day has a packed agenda.  Taylor spends time with Cam after school three days each week.  They are always busy with different activities.  She had her buddy open an early present too!

This was the last week of school before Christmas break and Cameron was scheduled for a yoga session with Melissa.  She's been working with Cam and is a PT grad student at GVSU.   The different stretches are great for our first grader and not only is Melissa a certified yoga instructor, she's also seemingly certified in making Cam smile and laugh!
On Friday, Mr. D took time out for a quick picture next to his bus.  The ride to and from school is a highlight of Cam's day.  Mr. D always beeps when he leaves and Cam watches for him to turn the corner before heading up the driveway.

Over the weekend, we traveled to Grand Haven for a visit with Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jon.  To Cam's surprise, there were some Christmas presents for him to open.  His uncle's artistry shows through on the wrapping paper.  A diesel train has now been added to his collection and he also opened a GVSU t-shirt.
Jane told Cam all about playing in her aunt and uncle's house as a child with her cousins. Her one request was a quick picture on the stairs.
It was good to spend time talking and laughing and we hope to make the trek again soon!

When our family arrived home that Saturday evening, we hosted Emma as well as Auntie Jo and Will for dinner, games, and a present exchange.  We all took part in an I-Spy mystery game on the Wii and found it to be more challenging than expected.

After a long day of travel, presents and games, a great way to relax is a warm bath, complete with bubbles.
It seems that Stella has taken to joining Cam during bath time...just to watch, of course.  Cam would never be able to stop laughing if she actually jumped in!

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