Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer in Session - Week of June 9th

There are days when we seem to hear the beach calling our names....

Although Lake Michigan isn't quite tepid enough for the average swimmer, it still makes a good spot for sand castle engineering, hole digging, and water splashing!

Cam believes that any time spent with his Oma (Grandma) is the best time.  She's always willing to create a play atmosphere no matter where the duo are.
As it turns out, when you're on the beach, toys aren't required, but they do come in handy for sand craftsmanship.

Cousin Annie walked down to the shore to hang out with us for awhile and Cameron was happy to see her!  She's excited to take Cam swimming once that lake temp creeps up quite a bit.

Another cousin was our house guest overnight all the way from Texas.  Cousin David, an accomplished musician, played a mini concert for us and left one of his band's cd's for Cam to listen to.  David plays coronet and clarinet, specializing in jazz.  Cam preferred listening to the clarinet.   David's visit was over far too soon- we look forward to seeing him again in September!

Jane celebrated her birthday this week (a few digits past 29) and although she was nursing a double ear infection for the week, her family and friends made her feel so very loved and special for her big day.

Oma secretly dropped off a birthday cake from Jane's favorite bakery, Ryke's.  Miss Ann came and hung out with Cam for the evening.  Chris and Cam toiled away in Jane's office setting up new monitors for her computers and they also gave her a new beach chair.  Cam had to test it out, of course, doing his best pose for the camera!!

All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much. ~George Harrison

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Chris Weatherford said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Great job with the blog. Cam is lucky to have such a perfect mother.