Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time for a Surprise - Week of Mar. 4th

With winter still hanging on, there are some days when a new activity has to be created to keep kids occupied.  Chris had the genius idea of putting together a "time capsule" to bury in the snow bank outside.
Cameron, Emma and Sarah each added an item to the container.
Once it was ready, they collectively decided as a group where to bury it.  A note was placed inside that the contents were only to be opened by the Time Capsule Team.
Each team member took a turn digging and filling the hole with snow.  Cam is in charge of checking the snow each day to see if it's melted enough to reveal the capsule.

On Saturday, Chris, Jane and Cam took part in surprising Miss Ann for her birthday!  Katherine came up with the brilliant idea for a surprise party and Cam couldn't wait to scream when she came in the door.  A "cover story" was created to have Miss Ann "Cam-Sit" for the evening.  Imagine her joy when she came sneaking into the living room to find Cam and found a huge group of people waiting to celebrate her special day!
The dinner menu included a favorite of Cam's - homemade french fries and hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls...yum!  And for dessert- a delicious cake along with a "spoonlickers" sundae bar where you choose all of your own toppings.  As a family, we were honored to be a part of it all and hope to celebrate many more birthdays with Miss Ann!

Here's also hoping spring is just around the corner...a group of ducks in our backyard making their way through the snow seemed to think so...

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