Sunday, November 11, 2012

My First Marathon - Week of Nov. 5th

Some folks say you have to walk before you run... but not in all cases.
Katherine & Cam preparing for "race day"

Downtown GR.1K Race
This weekend, Cameron took part in his first marathon, a .1K Race!

Yes, .1K is about 120 yards, a little longer than a football field.  Cam's nanny, Katherine, told us all about the race and her personal connection.  Katherine volunteers at a muscular dystrophy camp every summer.  The GR .1K race is a charity event to help in the battle to end Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  It was an unseasonably warm day and Cam wanted to bring out the Commander Cam shuttle one last time! 

Chris and Jane took turns running with Cam and there was even a hydration station for those folks that just needed to stop for a drink of water!  It was such a fun family event and one we hope to participate in every year.

The weekend also brings extra time to hang out with good friends.  Our buddies and neighbors spent Sunday afternoon and evening with us.  Cam taught Emma and Sarah how to play one of his favorite games on the ipad called "Giggle Ghosts"- you have to tap on a ghost to make it giggle as it floats by on the screen.

Living in Michigan, you become accustomed to the changing weather patterns.  In one week, we experienced a 70 degree day as well as a 40 degree day.  But either way, it always brings a smile to your face to see the sunshine on a crisp, fall day!

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