Monday, May 7, 2012

Starbuck's Anyone? - Week of Apr. 30th

Cameron lives in a great neighborhood where people know each other and frequently congregate in the street to chat.  Just a few houses away, Cam has a new buddy named Eli.  The boys hung out in the yard and played in the nice green grass.
From play outside to inside, Cameron hadn't used his Elmo tent in quite some time.  Katherine and Cam decided that it would be much more fun to work on a puzzle while also camping out!

It seems that it's time for Cam's Mom to make a confession...
Turns out she visits Starbuck's possibly a bit more than "on occasion" and frequently takes Cameron with her.  Although the big boy isn't ready for coffee, he definitely enjoys their cold ice water, which it turns out, they happily serve him.
When Jane asked Katherine in conversation if she wanted something from Starbuck's, Cam immediately asked for his water!  A big thanks to our favorite coffee shop for proving that some things in life still are free!!

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